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Connecticut Fire Departments, Emergency Services, and Public Safety Agencies

http://aetnaambulance.net/ - Aetna Ambulance Service (Hartford)
http://www.americanamb.com - American Ambulance Services, Inc. (Norwich)
http://www.andoverfire.org - Andover Fire Department

http://www.ashfordfire.org/ - Ashford Fire Department

http://www.avonvfd.org/viewpage.php?page_id=12 - Avon Fire Department
http://www.bantamfirecompany.com/ - Bantam Fire Department
http://www.barkhamstedfiredistrict.org/ - Barkhamsted Fire District (East Barkhamsted, Riverton, Pleasant Valley FDs)
http://bvfdct.com/ - Bethany Fire Department
http://www.bvfdinc.com/bvfd/index.asp - Bethel Fire Department
http://bluehillsfire.org/main/ - Blue Hills Fire Department (Bloomfield)
http://www.boltonfd.org/ - Bolton Fire Department
http://botsfordfirerescue.com/ - Botsford Fire Dept
http://www.bozrahfire.org/ - Bozrah Fire Department
http://www.protectiveservices.org/bdl.htm - Bradley International Airport Fire Department
http://www.branfordfire.com/ - Branford Fire Department
http://www.bridgeportct.gov/fire/Pages/MissionStatement.aspx - Bridgeport Fire Department
http://www.ci.bristol.ct.us/index.aspx?nid=195 - Bristol Fire Department
http://www.bristolfire773.org/ - Bristol IAFF 773
http://bbfd.org/ - Broad Brook Fire Department (East Windsor)
http://www.bvfc.net/ - Brookfield Fire Department
http://www.bungay.com/ - Bungay Fire Brigade (West Woodstock & Woodstock Valley)
http://www.burlingtonvfd.com/ - Burlington Fire Department
http://www.cantonfireandems.org/ - Canton Fire Department
http://www.centralvillagefire.com/ - Central Village Fire Department (Plainfield)
http://www.cheshirefd.org/ - Cheshire Fire Department
http://www.geocities.com/chesterhosecompanyinc/ - Chester Hose Company
http://chesterfieldfire-ct.org/ - Chesterfield Fire Department (Montville)
http://c2fd.com/ - Citizens Engine Co 2 (Seymour)
http://www.clintonctfire.com/ - Clinton Fire Department
http://www.kx911.com/ - Colchester Dispatch Center ("KX")
http://www.colchesterfd.com/ - Colchester Fire Department
http://www.communityfirecompany.org/ - Community Fire Department (Thompson)
http://www.ctfirefighterspipesanddrums.com/ - Connecticut Pipes & Drums
http://www.cromwellfd.com/ - Cromwell Fire Department
http://www.crystallakefire.com - Crystal Lake Fire Department (Ellington)
http://www.ci.danbury.ct.us/content/21015/21087/21105/default.aspx - Danbury Fire Department
http://iaff801.org/ - Danbury Firefighters IAFF Local 801
http://www.darienfire.org/ - Darien Fire Department
http://www.dayvillefirecompany.org/ - Dayville Fire Department
http://www.deepriverfd.com/ - Deep River Fire Department
http://derbyctfire.com/ - Derby Fire Department
http://www.drakevillevfd.com/ - Drakeville Fire Department (Torrington)
http://www.durhamfirect.com/ - Durham Fire Department
http://www.echohoseambulance.org/news/index/layoutfile/home - Echo Hose Ambulance (Shelton)
http://eaglehose.com/ - Eagle Hose & Hook & Ladder Co (Ansonia)
http://ectes.blogspot.com/ - Eastern Connecticut Emerald Society
http://www.eastfordfireco.org/ - Eastford Fire Department
http://www.eastbrooklynfd.com/ - East Brooklyn Fire Department
http://derbyeastendhose.com/ - East End Engine Co 2 (Derby)
http://www.effd.org/ - East Farmington Fire Department
http://www.easthartfordct.gov/Public_Documents/EastHartfordCT_Fire/index - East Hartford Fire Department
http://www.easthavenfire.com/ - East Haven Fire Department
http://www.easthavenfirefighterslocal1205.com/ - East Haven Firefighters IAFF Local 1205
http://eastkillinglyfd.com/ - East Killingly Fire Department
http://www.etvfd.org/ - East Thompson Fire Department
http://eastwallingfordfire.org/ - East Wallingford Fire Department
http://www.ewambulance.org/ - East Windsor Ambulance Association
http://www.ellingtonambulance.org/ - Ellington Ambulance Corps
http://www.ellingtonfire.org/ - Ellington Fire Department
http://www.essexctfire.com/ - Essex Fire Department
http://www.fdfairfield.com/ - Fairfield Fire Department
http://www.iaff1426.org/ - Fairfield Firefighters IAFF Local 1426
http://farmingtonfire.org/ - Farmington Fire Department
http://iaff3103.org/ - Farmington IAFF Local 3101
http://www.gardnerlakevolfireco.org/index.html - Gardner Lake Fire Department (Salem)
http://www.gffc.org - Gales Ferry Fire Department
http://www.gvfd.com/ - Gaylordsville Fire Department
http://glastonburyfd.org/Pages/GlastonburyFireDepartmentHome.aspx - Glastonbury Fire Department
http://www.greathillhose.com/ - Great Hill Hose Co (Seymour)
http://www.greenwichfire.org/ - Greenwich Firefighters IAFF Local 1042
http://guilfordfire.com/ - Guilford Fire Department
http://www.hamden.com/content/219/225/default.aspx - Hamden Fire Department
http://www.hamdenfirefighters.org/ - Hamden Firefighters IAFF Local 2687
http://www.hcambulance.com/ - Hampton-Chaplin Ambulance Corps
http://www.hartford.gov/fire/ - Hartford Fire Department
http://www.hartfordfire.org/ - Hartford Firefighters IAFF Local 760
http://www.harthosp.org/lifestar/ - Hartford Hospital Life Star
http://www.munic.state.ct.us/HARTLAND/FireDept.htm - Hartland Fire Department
http://hvfd.compdat.com/ - Harwinton Fire Department
http://www.hwsfd.org/ - Harwinton West Side Fire Department
http://hazardvillefire.org/ - Hazardville Fire Department (Enfield)
http://www.hebronfd.com/ - Hebron Fire Department
http://www.hilltophose.org/index.html - Hilltop Hose Co 5 (Ansonia)
http://www.huntingtonfire.com/ - Huntington Fire Department (Shelton)
http://www.kbambulance.com/ - K-B (Killingly-Brooklyn) Ambulance Corps
http://www.kentfire.org/ - Kent Fire Department
http://www.killingworthems.org - Killingworth Ambulance
http://www.killingworth-fire.org/ - Killingworth Fire Department
http://www.lebanon-vfd-ct.org/ - Lebanon Fire Department
http://www.ledyardfire.org/ - Ledyard Fire Department
http://www.lisbonfiredept.org/ - Lisbon Fire Department
http://www.lcd911.com/cms/ - Litchfield County Dispatch
http://www.litchfieldfiredepartment.com/index.html - Litchfield Fire Department
http://www.longhillfd.com/ - Long Hill Fire Department (Trumbull)
http://www.longridgefire.com/ - Long Ridge Fire Department (Stamford)
http://madisonambulance.org/ - Madison Ambulance Corps
http://www.mfre.us - Manchester Fire Department
http://www.local1579.com/ - Manchester Firefighters IAFF Local 1579
http://www.mansfieldfirect.org/ - Mansfield Fire Department
http://www.meridenfire.com/ - Meriden Fire Department
http://middleburyfire.org/MVFD/Welcome.html - Middlebury Fire Department
http://www.ci.milford.ct.us/Public_Documents/MilfordCT_Fire/fire - Milford Fire Department
http://www.local944.com/ - Milford Firefighters IAFF Local 944
http://www.moheganfd.org/ - Mohegan Fire Department (Montville)
http://www.monroevems.org/ - Monroe Ambulance
http://web.monroefire.com/ - Monroe Fire Department
http://moosupfire.com/ - Moosup Fire Department
http://muddybrookfire.com/Muddybrookfire.com/Welcome.html - Muddy Brook Fire Department  (Woodstock)
http://www.mysticfd.org/ - Mystic Fire Department
http://www.newingtonct.gov/content/78/118/126/default.aspx - Newington Fire Department
http://www.newtownhookandladder.com/ - Newton Hook & Ladder
http://newbritainfd.org/ - New Bratain Fire Department
http://nbfire.us/ - New Britain Firefighters IAFF Local 992
http://www.newcanaanfire.com/ - New Canaan Fire Department
http://newhartfordfire.com/index.html - New Hartford Fire Department
http://www.theemeraldsociety.com/ - New Haven County Emerald Society
http://cityofnewhaven.com/Fire/index.asp - New Haven Fire Department
http://www.nlcfca.org/ - New London County Fire Chiefs Association
http://www.newlondonfirefightersunion.org/index.cfm - New London IAFF Local 1522
http://www.nlfdpipes.org/ - New London Pipes & Drums
http://www.newmilfordambulancect.org/ - New Milford Ambulance Corps
http://www.nicholsfire.com/ - Nichols Fire Department (Trumbull)
http://www.norfolkfire.org/ - Norfolk Fire Department
http://www.northvillefd.org/ - Northville Fire Department (New Milford)
http://northendhoseco3whfd.com/ - North End Hose #3 (West Haven)
http://www.norotonfd.org/ - Noroton Fire Department (Darien)
http://www.norwalkct.org/index.aspx?NID=63 - Norwalk Fire Department
http://www.local830.org/ - Norwalk Firefighters IAFF Local 830
http://www.norwichfire.org/ - Norwich Fire Department
http://www.local892.org/ - Norwich Firefighters IAFF Local 892
http://www.taftvillefire.org/NorwichUnderwaterSRteam.html - Norwich Underwater Search & Rescue team
http://www.townofnorthbranfordct.com/Public_Safety/Fire%20Department/NBFD.htm - North Branford Fire Department
http://www.northcoventryfire.org/default.php - North Coventry Fire Department
http://northfarmsvfd.tripod.com/ - North Farms Volunteer Fire Department (Wallingford)
http://www.northhavenfire.com/ - North Haven Firefighters IAFF Local 2987
http://www.nmvfc.org/ - North Madison Fire Department
http://www.ntfd.net/ - North Thompsonville Fire Department (Enfield)
http://www.oakdalefire.org/ - Oakdale Fire Department (Montville)
http://www.olfd.org/ - Old Lyme Fire Department
http://www.oldmysticfire.com/ - Old Mystic Fire Department
http://www.oldsaybrookfire.com/ - Old Saybrook Fire Department
http://www.onecofirect.com/ -  Oneco Fire Department (Sterling)
http://www.ocfc1.com/ - Oxford Center Fire Department #1
http://www.phoenixengine8.com/ - Phoenix Engine Co. 8 Fire Department (Danbury)
http://www.pinerockfd.com/ - Pine Rock Park Fire Department (Shelton)
http://www.plainfieldfire.net/ - Plainfield Fire Department Company #1
http://www.pvac111.com/ - Plymouth Ambulance Corps
http://www.pomfretfire.org/ - Pomfret Fire Department
http://www.pbfd.net/ - Poquonnock Bridge Fire Department (Groton)
http://www.prestoncity.com - Preston City Fire Department
http://www.prospectfire.org/ - Prospect Fire Department
http://www.putnamfire.com - Putnam Fire Department
http://www.qvfd83.com/ - Quinebaug Fire Department (Thompson)
http://www.qvec.org/ - Quinebaug Valley Dispatch Center ("QV")
http://www.rhvfd.com/ - Rocky Hill Fire Department
http://www.salemfireco.com/ - Salem Fire Department
http://www.sandyhookfire.com/ - Sandy Hook Fire Department
http://www.svfd16.com/  - Scotland Fire Department
http://www.shermanvfd.org/ - Sherman Fire Department
http://www.iaffi68.org/ - Sikorsky Firefighters IAFF Local I-68
http://www.simsburyfd.org/ - Simsbury Fire Department
http://www.somersnow.com/Fire/index.htm - Somers Fire Department
http://www.southburyambulance.com/ - Southbury Ambulance Association
http://www.southburyfire.com/ - Southbury Fire Department
http://www.southportvfd.com - Southport Fire Department
http://www.southington.org/content/50/2424/74/default.aspx - Southington Fire Department
http://www.sbvfd.com/ - Sound Beach Fire Department (Old Greenwich)
http://www.coventryfire.org - South Coventry Fire Department
http://southfiredistrict.com/ - South Fire District Fire Department (Middletown)
http://www.southkillinglyfire.com/ - South Killingly Fire Department
https://southmeriden-vfd.org/ - South Meriden Fire Department
http://southwindhamfire.org/ - South Windham Fire Department
http://www.southwindsorfire.org/ - South Windsor Fire Department
http://www.springdalefire.com/ - Springdale Fire Department (Stamford)
http://www.staffordambulance.org/ - Stafford Ambulance Association
http://www.staffordfire.org/ - Stafford Fire Department
http://www.stamfordfire.com/ - Stamford Fire Department
http://www.local786.org/ - Stamford Firefighters IAFF Local 786
http://www.stevensonfire.com/ - Stevenson Fire Department (Monroe)
http://www.stepneyfire.com/ - Stepney Fire Department (Monroe)
http://www.sterlingfirect.com/ - Sterling Fire Department
http://www.stonyhillfiredepartment.com/ - Stony Hill Fire Department (Bethel)
http://www.stormengine.com/ - Storm Engine Co 2 (Derby)
http://www.rescue15.com - Stratfield Fire Department (Fairfield)
http://www.local786.org/ - Stratford Firefighters IAFF Local 786
http://www.localf219.org/index.cfm - Sub Base Firefirefighters IAFF Local 219
http://www.suffieldems.org/ - Suffield Ambulance Association
http://www.taftvillefire.org/ - Taftville Fire Department (Norwich)
http://terryvillevolunteerfire.com/ - Terryville Fire Department
http://www.thomastonfire.com - Thomaston Fire Department
http://thompsonvillefire.org/ - Thompsonville Fire Department (Enfield)
http://www.iafflocal3059.org/ - Thompsonville, Hazardville, & Shaker Pines (Enfield) Firefighters IAFF Local 3059
http://www.thompsonhillfire.org/ - Thompson Hill Fire Department (Thompson)
http://www.tollandcounty911.org/ - Tolland County Dispatch ("TN")
http://www.tollandcountydivers.org/ - Tolland County Search and Rescue Dive Team
http://www.tollandfire.org - Tolland Fire Department
http://iaff3954.tripod.com/ - Tolland Firefigheters IAFF Local 3954
http://www.torringfordfd.org/ - Torringford Fire Department
http://www.torringtonct.org/Public_Documents/TorringtonCT_Fire/index - Torrington Fire Department
http://www.tcfd.com/main.html - Trumbull Center Fire Department
http://trumbullvfc.com/ - Trumbull Vol. Fire Department
http://trfd.com/ - Turn of River Fire Department (Stamford)
http://www.valleyshore911.org/ - Valley Shore Dispatch
http://www.vernonfire.com/ - Vernon Fire Department
http://wallingfordfire.com - Wallingford Firefighters IAFF Local 1326
http://www.whpfd.org - Warehouse Point Fire Department
http://www.washingtonct.org/firedept.html - Washington Fire Department
http://waterburyfiredepartment.com/ - Waterbury Fire Department
http://www.watertownfd.com/ - Watertown Fire Department
http://www.waterwitchhoseco2.com/ - Water Witch Hose Co 2 (New Milford)
http://www.westportfirefighters.com/ - Westport Firefighters IAFF Local 1081
http://www.westhartfordfirefighters.org/ - West Hartford Firefighters IAFF Local 1241
http://www.iaff1198.org/ - West Haven Firefighters IAFF Local 1198
http://www.westshorefd.com/ - West Shore Fire District (West Haven)
http://wsfd44.org/ - West Stafford Fire Department
http://www.wvfd.com/ - Weston Fire Department
http://www.wvfd.org/ - Wethersfield Fire Department
http://www.whitehillsfireco.org/ - White Hills Fire Department (Shelton)
http://www.wiltonfire.org/index.asp - Wilton Fire Department
http://www.windhamct.com/department.htm?id=ufl0e0l1&m=boards - Willimantic Fire Department
http://www.willingtonfire.org/ - Willington #1 Fire Department
http://www.wcfd.org/ - Windham Center Fire Department
http://www.wlfd.com/ - Windsor Locks Fire Department
http://www.winsted-ambulance.org/ - Winsted Ambulance Corps
http://www.winstedfire.org/ - Winsted Fire Department
http://www.wolcottvfd.com/ - Wolcott Fire Department
http://www.woodburyfd.org/ - Woodbury Fire Department
http://www.wvfa76.org./ - Woodstock Fire Department



State Govt, Federal Govt, and Nationally Based Public Safety Agencies

http://www.americanheart.org - American Heart Association
http://www.redcross.org - American Red Cross
http://www.ct.gov/cfpc/site/default.asp CT Commission of Fire Prevention and Control
http://dep.state.ct.us/ - CT  Department of Environmental Protection

http://www.ct.gov/dph - CT Depatment of Public Health

http://www.ct.gov/dps - CT Department of Public Safety
http://www.ctemscouncils.org/ - CT EMS Councils

http://www.ct.gov/dph/cwp/view.asp?a=3127&q=387362&dphNav_GID=1827 - CT Office of EMS

http://www.ifsta.org/ - International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA)

http://www.naemt.org - National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians

http://www.usfa.fema.gov/fire-service/nfa/nfa.shtm - National Fire Academy

http://www.nfpa.org/catalog/home/index.asp - National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

http://www.nremt.org - National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

http://www.cfsi.org/ - Congressional Fire Service Committee

http://www.fema.gov/ - Federal Emergency Management Agency

http://www.usfa.fema.gov/ - U.S. Fire Administration
http://www.vvv.state.ct.us/cfpc - Connecticut Fire Net
http://www.nfic.org - National Fire Information Council

 For the Kids

http://www.nfpa.org/sparky/ - Sparky
http://www.fema.gov/kids/ - FEMA for kids
http://www.dare.com/ - Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) for kids
http://www.members.aol.com/lcfdfirechief/lcfd.htm - Lego City Fire Department
http://www.scottiesfirehouse.com/  - Scotties Firehouse
http://www.smokeybear.com/kids/default.asp - Smokey the Bear
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