The Yantic Fire Engine Company is a 100% volunterr fire department - just as we have been since our founding in 1847.  We are one of the oldest fire departments in the country, volunteer or paid.  We have never changed ownership, and have never merged with any other entity.  The single largest reason for that is our membership.  Our dedicated men and women are what makes us as strong as we are.  In order to maintain that strength we need new members.  Everyone has a place; our youngest member is 16 and our oldest is well in his 70's!    With that we offer you to consider joining us.

Have you ever watched a fire truck pass by and wonder where they were going?  Have you ever wanted to help your community but didn't know how?  This is your chance. 

Our requirements are fairly simple and straight forward:
1) Are you over 18? (or over 16 and have your parent/guardian's permission.)
2) Do you have a vehicle? (in order to get to the firehouse for calls for service.)
3) Do you live in the Yantic, Norwichtown, or Bean Hill area of  Norwich, CT (the western half of Norwich); or within 1 mile of the firehouse in Bozrah or Franklin?
Those are the basics!  There are some other questions that we will ask at a later time, but we'll get to those.

So, what does it take to be a Yantic Fire Engine Co. Member? 
1) We run approximately 600 emergencies a year.  We ask our members to committ to at least 20% of those, or about 120/yr. 
2) We have a meeting every month, on the 1st monday of the month.  We ask for as close to 100% attendance as you can, however a minimum of 25% is required by by-laws.
3) We train on the 2nd and 3rd mondays of each month, or 24 days/year (minimum).  We ask for as close to 100% attendance as you can (we need you to know what you're doing on  an emergency scene), however a minimum of 20% is required by by-laws.
4) We ask for all members to obtain at least Connecticut Fire Fighter I by the end of their second year.  We also ask that all members who are interested obtain at least their Connecticut Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or Emegency Medical Technician (EMT) certification.  All certification courses, including any additional training you choose to persue, is 100% paid for by the fire department.  Of course prior certification is always welcome, as long as it meets Connecticut standards.  Not all members need to obtain emergency medical certification, however all members will need CPR certification. 
5) We have numerous other "things" we do every year, and most of them need members to help out.  We simply ask for assistance with those other things (i.e. our famous steak & lobster dinner).

In exchange for your service we pay for all of your training.  We will also provide you with all safety equipment needed, including the famous turn-out gear and iconic helmet.  You will also be entered into the roles of our company, joining the list of more than 1,000 men and women over the years. 

If you're interested in joining, or even just interested in finding out more, please download, fill out, and hand in to the firehouse one of the applications below.  They are both the same application - the one on the left is blank and the one on the right has form fields you can type in and fill out to print (both are adobe PDF format).  The best time to hand in the application is on a monday after 7pm (either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd).  We have a $10.00 application fee that is non-refundable if you're accepted to membership, and there is a $12.00/yr membership fee.  Even if you only want to ask more questions, feel free to stop in and ask some!  We try to be pretty friendly!  You can also email any questions to the webmaster and I will try to answer them as best I can. 

We hope to see you soon! 
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